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Meet Our Crew

Edgar Montalvo


Captain Edgar Montalvo has worked in New York Harbor for the past 23 years. He’s had experience working on dozens of vessels that sail in the harbor, including during Superstorm Sandy, during which he successfully protected his ship and its crew and kept damage to a minimum.

Patrick Foley


Captain Patrick Foley is another excellent captain on our team of experts with extensive experience in cruising. He has received high praise from customers he’s served.

Dan Cumberland

Tour Guide

After 22 years of serving New York City, Dan Cumberland retired from being a guard at Rikers Island and decided to share his love for the city as a tour guide. He’s a lifelong city resident, and he’s been guiding boat tours for a decade. Dan has the gift of gab and would love for you to join him for a tour full of fun, entertainment, and storytelling!

Wesley Greenbaum

Tour Guide

Wesley Greenbaum grew up in New Jersey, about 20 minutes from New York City, and he spent a lot of time in the city growing up, so he knows all the attractions very well. He’s obsessed with the history of the city, so much so that he has a whole room of his house devoted to it, containing more than 670 books! Wesley also has a degree in art and architectural history, making him an expert in the distinctive architecture of the Manhattan skyline. He has shared his knowledge on tours for two years now; before that, he gave walking tours at art museums.

John Kostick

Tour Guide

John Kostick has been a licensed tour guide since 2005 and was born and raised in Manhattan. He has a true love for the city, both the positives and negatives, and strives to share the real New York with his tours. His favorite part of the job is sharing the excitement and anticipation of touring the city with guests.