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Facts and History of the Empire State Building

The skyline of New York City is very unique. From a distance you can make out various tall and differently shaped buildings. But, one of the most unique and iconic building in New York City is the Empire State Building.

The Statue of Liberty and Famous NYC Landmarks

There are many amazing landmarks all throughout the United States of America, and each one has an incredible story to tell. From the Grand Canyon to the Statue of Liberty, this nation is full of fascinating sights to see, some of them made by nature and others by people. No matter where you live, you're sure to find an amazing sight not too far away.

Safety Tips for Boats and Cruises

Anything can happen out on the open water, so the need for and importance of safety on both smaller boats and cruise ships can't be understated. If you're on a cruise, you're likely to be focused on the fun outings, the drinks, and the excursions, but it's key to remember some crucial safety tips as you head onto the cruise or boat.

Famous Historical Ships: Warships to Cruise Ships

Maritime vessels have evolved significantly since the first boats were created to venture out onto the waters. From manually propelled boats to majestic vessels with towering masts and sails, the history of ships can be a fascinating study. Ships often have a wide and varied past, whether they have been involved in military battles or have a story to tell about the passengers they have carried. Some ships have gone down in history for their unfortunate demise at the hands of nature or foreign aggression.