Chrysler Building

Location: 405 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10174

The Chrysler Building in NYC: Facts, Tips, and More

Not many buildings can equal the iconic presence of the Chrysler Building. NYC is the home of the Chrysler Building, which was built in 1930 to serve as the automotive company’s headquarters. A vacation in New York City could never be complete without a Chrysler Building visit. At Liberty Cruise NYC, although we can also help you see it up close on the ground, we think one of the best ways to experience the Chrysler Building is from the waters of New York Harbor. The spire of the building reaches an impressive 1,047 feet, adding a breathtaking element to the Manhattan skyline.

What Is the Chrysler Building?

The Chrysler Building was designed by William Van Alen and constructed for the Chrysler Corporation. It’s known for its bold design and striking architecture, and no tour of the Big Apple would be complete without a stop at the Chrysler Building. NYC is proud of this gleaming display of shining steel curves and triangular windows that lead up to the spire. Additional architectural elements include hubcaps and hood ornaments. It has 77 floors and was erected as the race for the sky was on in 1929, with companies vying to create the tallest skyscraper in the world. At the very end of the construction process, the architect of the Chrysler Building unveiled a secret spire that catapulted the building to the top of the list. The Chrysler Building’s reign as the world’s tallest building was short-lived, however: Less than one year later, the Empire State Building assumed this title.

Where Is the Chrysler Building Located?

Many tourists wonder, “Where is the Chrysler Building located?” The building stands on Lexington Ave. where it intersects with 42nd Street on Manhattan’s east side. Sightseers often visit the Chrysler Building: It’s on many tourists’ lists of must-see attractions in NYC. Although you won’t find an observation deck in the building, you are welcome to explore the lobby on weekdays. You’ll find breathtaking Art Deco elements, including a ceiling mural painted by Edward Trumbull. The mural is a massive depiction of engineering marvels, and it was the biggest interior mural in the world when it was first painted.

Chrysler Building Facts

Construction began on the Chrysler Building on Sept. 19, 1928. The building required 20,961 tons of steel, and it contains 3,862 windows. The average rate of construction was about four floors per week. Amazingly, no one was killed during construction of the Chrysler Building. The building opened on May 27, 1930. The top of the building features special lighting for special occasions: These lighting inserts feature a variety of colors, and the building is traditionally lit for various holidays and occasions. The highest floors of the Chrysler Building are used for radio broadcasting and to store electrical equipment.

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