3 Memorable Attractions Best Seen from a Liberty Cruise

Most people who go on a Liberty cruise do so to get the best possible view of the Statue of Liberty. While that is the main attraction, there are other landmarks best seen from the water as well. Here are just three of the memorable attractions that you will get the best feel of from a cruise.

Statue of Liberty

It goes without saying, but the Statue of Liberty is certainly a memorable attraction and best viewed from the water. After all, that’s why people buy Statue of Liberty ferry tickets. The Statue of Liberty has been in its spot since 1886 and was a gift from the French. This 305-foot-tall copper statue was the design of Frederic Auguste Bartholdi. The French gifted it to show the two nations’ friendship. Some visitors like to climb the 354 steps to the top of the crown, but access is limited and booked well in advance. Because of this, many tourists settle for an amazing view from the water on a Statue boat.

Ellis Island

Ellis Island is very close to the island housing the Statue of Liberty, which is how the statue would greet immigrants as they arrived in the United States. Because it is an island, the best way to spot it is from the water. Its proximity to the iconic statue means you are guaranteed amazing views from the same Statue of Liberty cruise. From 1852 to 1954, Ellis Island was the first stop for over 12 million immigrants. From your boat, you will be able to admire the island of American dreams and history. If you decide to return, you can even go to the island and check out the three-floor building that houses interactive displays and photos. Most settle for viewing the island and focus on entering more accessible museums.

Battery Park

Battery Park is named after the large number of battery canons it used to house. But today, it is a 25-acre green area at the edge of Manhattan. Because of its location right along the water, it is one of the attractions that you will get a good feel for from the water on a Liberty cruise. You will get a nice idea of its general layout and size as well as its beauty and strategic positioning, which helped it during battles. If you like what you see, head to Battery Park later on for a relaxing stroll. It isn’t too far from other attractions, but the best views are from the water.


See all these and other attractions on your Liberty cruise. Contact us to make a reservation.