3 Reasons to Enjoy the Statue of Liberty Cruise

When you take a ride on the Liberty Ferry, you will be in for a treat. Buying Statue of Liberty ferry tickets also gives you access to a fun adventure where you get to see this iconic statue of our country’s independence along with plenty of other attractions. Between the amazing sights and the unique angles, you are in for a treat. Here are just some of the things you will love about the Statue of Liberty cruise.


See Lady Liberty Up Close

The biggest reason you’ll love the Liberty Ferry is the ability to get a true Statue of Liberty experience. Some visitors to New York City may view this icon from the shore, but because of its location on an island, the best views come from the water. You simply aren’t able to see this historic landmark and attraction known around the world unless you take the ferry or a cruise.


Glimpse Other NY Attractions

During your Liberty Ferry ride, you will also get the chance to see other amazing New York City attractions. Some people take the ferry just to see the Statue of Liberty, but most do so knowing that they will get to see this along with other sights. While there are other ways to see things like the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, the South Street Seaport, Battery Park, and the One World Trade Center, nothing competes with the view from the water. Because of the route your cruise takes between the pier and Lady Liberty, your Statue of Liberty experience will automatically include views of these amazing landmarks.


Learn While You Go

If you want, you can just sit back during your Statue of Liberty cruise and enjoy the scenery, admiring it however you want. For those who want to learn, however, this cruise is the perfect chance to find out information about this key attraction while you look at it. Reading about the landmark without seeing it can only do so much, and it can be challenging to remember everything you’ve read when you finally get to see the Statue of Liberty. Because of this, taking the boat tour gives you a unique chance to learn about the statue as you look at it, making it easier to remember and understand every single detail.


When you are ready to enjoy the ferry, we can help you get your Statue of Liberty ferry tickets with barely any effort required on your part!