4 Ways to Improve Your Toddler’s Experience on Statue Cruises

Anyone who has seen it will tell you that the best way to get the full Statue of Liberty experience is to admire it from the water. Going on a Statue ferry not only gives you amazing views of Lady Liberty, but it also provides a unique experience. Of course, sometimes toddlers won’t be as excited as the adults involved, so follow these tips to make sure your Statue cruises go smoothly with young ones.


Bring the Stroller


Most Liberty cruises welcome strollers aboard, although you can’t actually bring them into the Statue of Liberty. For many toddlers, this makes the experience more comfortable because they can sit in a familiar environment. Just keep in mind that if you do bring a stroller on the ferry, you will likely be limited the bottom level, and the best views tend to be on the upper level.


Go Over Safety Ahead of Time


Before you book your Statue of Liberty ferry tickets for you and your toddler, make sure that your child is aware of the general safety considerations. Let him know that he can’t lean too far over the edge and will need to hold your hand while walking because the boat will be moving more than solid ground. If you let him know these restrictions (and other safety concerns) ahead of time, it won’t be as much of a struggle to enforce them on the ferry.


Get Him Enthusiastic with a Book or Movie


You know exactly why you are taking a Statue of Liberty cruise, but that doesn’t mean your child does. Get him excited for the trip by reading him a story about the Statue of Liberty or even a trip on a ferry before you go. If you can’t find a book, look for an episode of his favorite TV show where the main character goes on a boat or even search for a related movie that will get him interested. If he looks forward to the statue cruises, he will behave well.


Bring Snacks and Toys


As with any other trip you take with your toddler, don’t expect him to keep himself entertained or control his hunger. The typical Liberty ferry will be between an hour and a half to two hours for a round trip. Because of this, you should pack a small drink and small snack for your toddler and maybe a few books or quiet toys in case he gets bored with looking at the sights.


When you are ready, get your Statue of Liberty ferry tickets from us to share this experience with your toddler.