Avoid a Boat Ride NYC Disaster with These Preparation Tips

Being prepared for your boat ride NYC is very important, as things can sometimes go wrong. Something unexpected might happen, which could turn a beautiful experience into a complete disaster. There are two main points you should pay attention to before going on your boat trip: motion sickness and weather conditions. Paying attention to both of those topics is incredibly important. Therefore, make sure to take advantage of these preparation tips for a smooth and chaos-free boat ride.

Motion Sickness

If you are prone to motion sickness, there are a couple of ways you can decrease your sickness or prevent it. One of them is by bringing over-the-counter medication with you on board or by taking it before you get on the ship. This is the most common way of motion sickness prevention. You can get brands such as Dramamine or Bonine at most drugstores. If your motion sickness is more severe, make sure you go see a doctor before you take your boat ride NYC in order to avoid an ugly situation during the boat ride. The doctor can prescribe you with stronger prescription medication, such as scopolamine patches. Other ways to prevent motion sickness is to avoid consuming alcoholic beverages or eating food before getting onto the boat. Food that is especially high in fats or spices can increase motion sickness. Finally, make sure that during your boat ride NYC, you don’t face backward. Instead, always face the front of the boat.

Weather Conditions

Before heading on your boat ride NYC, check the weather conditions of the day and dress appropriately. If it’s going to be warm, bring sunglasses, sunscreen, and enough water in order to stay hydrated. If it’s cold, bring warm clothes and a warm hat. Regardless of whether it is hot or cold, it is always very windy on the boat, so it’s important to adapt to that as well. The tour lasts for an hour and fifteen minutes, so having the appropriate clothing is an absolute must. If you get too cold during the tour, make your way to the heated indoor space. It will keep you warm for the rest of the trip.