Boat Trip in New York FAQs

Do you have a specific question about your boat trip in New York? If so, look at some frequently asked questions to make sure that your question has not already been answered. You may just find that others have had the same questions as you.

Does your boat trip in New York go to the Statue of Liberty?

As part of our boat tour, we circle around the Statue of Liberty rather than visit the island itself. However, you will still have an incredible view of the statue as well as the surrounding area. Just being on the water with New York City as the backdrop is an experience of its own.

What hours does your boat trip in New York operate?

Our current schedule has tours that start at 12:30 p.m., 2:00 p.m., and 3:30 p.m.

Should I dress in any specific way?

Most importantly, make sure you dress comfortably. However, depending on the time of year that you take a tour, you may need a light- to medium-weight jacket and hat.

Where does your boat tour start and finish?

To enjoy our affordable tour by boat, you will embark and debark at Pier 36, which is located at 299 South Street between Montgomery and Clinton Streets.

Can anyone enjoy a boat tour?

Absolutely, we cater to people of all ages, and with so many things to see, this is a great adventure for the entire family, couples, or singles.

Does the boat trip in New York provide any information?

With extensive knowledge of the Big Apple, your guide can answer all your questions. During the boat tour, your guide will also point out places of interest, iconic landmarks, and more while providing you educational and fun facts.

Making Lifetime Memories

If you want a unique perspective of New York City and to make lifetime memories, a boat trip in New York is an excellent way to spend your time, whether as a tourist or resident. For more information, please contact us by phone or visit us online.