Celebrate Your Special Day with a Statue Cruise

Are you planning a trip to New York City for your birthday? Then you’re going to want to go on a statue cruise. No trip to New York City is complete without seeing the Statue of Liberty from up close and learning about New York’s incredible history.

The Cruise

A statue cruise goes through the New York Harbor and all the way to the Statue of Liberty. It passes some famous attractions such as Ellis Island, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Governors Island, and the Governors Island National Monument. A statue cruise is a perfect birthday gift because you get to just sit back and enjoy the view, giving you a break from all the walking. The cruise starts at Pier 36, which is located at 299 South Street. The cruise is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes long, and there are three cruises to pick from each day. During your statue cruise, an experienced tour guide will discuss the history of NYC and provide you with plenty of interesting facts about Lady Liberty.

Incredible Views

Why not spend your birthday looking at mesmerizing panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline? There are two incredible spots to take pictures of the skyline in New York City: from Brooklyn and from a statue cruise. You can either stay in the warm, heated indoor area of the boat and take pictures from there, or you can go outside on the deck if the weather allows it. Either way, you will go home with incredible memories of your trip. The pictures of the skyline will leave you with an incredible memory of your birthday experience.

Lady Liberty

The highlight of the statue cruise and the reason why you should spend your birthday on the cruise is to see the beautiful Statue of Liberty. The green goddess is a symbol of freedom. The cruise will get you close enough to her for you to take some incredible selfies. During the entirety of the statue cruise, you will be able to get closer and closer to the Statue of Liberty, allowing you to take pictures from both a distance as from close up. Our beloved Lady Liberty was given to the US by the country of France and used to be displayed at the World Fair of 1878 before making her way to the United States.