Cruises From the Caribbean vs. Cruises from NYC

If you are wondering if you should look into cruises from NYC or cruises from the Caribbean, it is important to understand the difference between the two. They are each very different, and you can’t go on one thinking you will get the same experience as the other. Here are some of the biggest differences.


When you take cruises from NYC, you are going to pay less than you would for one from the Caribbean. Cruises from NYC are designed to show you the city from afar. They only last a few hours and do not include a lot of the things you would get on a full luxury cruise from the Caribbean. If you are visiting New York and want a water tour of the Big Apple, an NYC cruise may be right for you.

Length of Time

When you hop on a cruise from the Caribbean, you can plan on spending days onboard. You will have a room, bed, entertainment, and more. Cruises from NYC aren’t designed to be like this. They are day tours that simply show you the amazing city. You can comfortably sightsee while sitting on the boat. NYC tours don’t last days; they are designed to show you the area in just a short time.

Ship Size

Cruises that go from large ports and cross big bodies of water have to be bigger than river cruise boats. Cruises from NYC are meant to travel on the river and around the city. They are not as big as cruise ships, and because they are only traveling around the city and on rivers, they don’t have to be. Still, you will find that the river cruise boats are very safe and comfortable for everyone onboard. There are plenty of seats and plenty of room to move around the boat.

If you are interested in taking cruises from NYC, understand that these are sightseeing cruises and are designed to show you the city in a comfortable and laidback way. Caribbean cruises are nice too, but they aren’t the same as an NYC cruise. The next time you visit New York, consider taking a water tour to get a new perspective of the city.

photo by Ins @qwqw7575