Is an NYC River Cruise Dangerous?

An NYC River cruise is a great way to see a unique side of the Big Apple. Instead of walking or driving down the streets and touring the city in a fast-paced way, you can sit back, relax, and cruise down the river. If you have never been on a river cruise before, it’s natural to be a little nervous. Don’t worry – these cruises are completely safe. Here are a few safety tips that can help.

No Smoking

When you go on an NYC river cruise, you shouldn’t smoke. This allows everyone to enjoy the cruise and helps keep passengers safe. Many passengers are not tolerant of smoke or cannot be around it for health reasons, and you want to be considerate of those around you.

Know Where the Life Jackets Are

While it is very unlikely that you will need a life jacket, it’s still a good idea to know where they are located. If you aren’t sure, look for signs on the walls of the boat or ask a tour operator to help you find them. If nothing else, knowing where they are will give you some peace of mind.

Stay Alert

It’s always a good idea to stay alert and aware of your surroundings while you are in a big city. While NYC river cruise tours are safe, it never hurts to watch your back. Keep your belongings with you at all times, keep your children where you can see them, and if something seems out of place, report it as soon as possible.

Use Common Sense

Most accidents that happen on boats occur when people fail to use common sense. Follow the rules of the cruise, don’t run on the deck, don’t hang over the rail, don’t climb or lean over to touch the water, and watch your step, and you won’t have any problems.

If you have never been on an NYC river cruise, you may not know what to expect. But you don’t have to worry. These tours are very safe. River cruises should be relaxing and enjoyable, and as long as you follow the rules of safety, you will be just fine. If you are looking for a way to explore New York, consider taking a river cruise.