Liberty Cruise NYC Safety Tips

There are a few things you should be aware of before getting on a liberty cruise NYC. These are simple safety guidelines and measures, but they are nonetheless important to keep in the back of your mind. Visiting the Statue of Liberty National Monument as well as Ellis Island and the National Immigration Museum will offer memorable experiences to young and old alike. When you embark on a liberty cruise NYC at Pier 36, you will pass some famous landmarks and monuments such as those listed above. In addition to those two, you will also see the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, Governors Island and Governors Island National Monument. For a pleasant trip, please pay attention to the following guidelines.

Before the Departure

You should arrive at your liberty cruise NYC at least thirty minutes before departure. This will allow all passengers to board safely and on time. Additionally, you will have to pass some security screening before you enter the boat, so make sure that you don’t bring any metals or liquids on board with you. All vessels are wheelchair-accessible, and authorized guides and service animals can also come aboard.


Please dress appropriately for the weather. This will keep you warm and offer you an enjoyable experience. Your liberty cruise NYC will have both a heated indoor and outdoor deck, but it’s still recommended that you wear closed-toe shoes and a good sweater or coat, as it gets very windy on the boat. Regardless of what you decide to wear, you should check the New York City weather forecast prior to embarking on your vessel. If the weather is cold, bring a warm hat and warm clothes. If it’s warm, make sure to still wear closed-toe shoes and bring sunglasses as well as sunscreen.


You are not allowed to bring outside food or water on the vessel, but you can purchase them on board the liberty cruise NYC. For a safe and pleasant ride, make also sure that you take the necessary precautions for motion sickness. If you tend to be prone to motion sickness, get some over-the-counter medication and take some before your trip. Finally, avoid eating spicy or greasy food right before your boat ride, as it increases your chances of sickness on the boat.