NYC Cruises for Bridal Parties

Are you ready to tie the big knot but all that is left to do is to organize the perfect bridal party with your bridesmaids or girlfriends? Then you should consider including an NYC cruises in your bridal party planning! Bridal parties are the best way to not only do something incredibly special with the people you are the closest to, but also to capture memorable moments with them. And what better way to capture the beauty of a wedding than with some incredible shots that include the Manhattan skyline in the background?

Moments to Remember Forever

NYC cruises will bring you to a variety of sights and attractions that make very good pictures. Wedding pictures have the distinct power to collect moments of excitement and joy, and it is a great idea to have a non-traditional bridal party photo shoot. The boats have an outdoor patio that makes for great skyline pictures. The indoor deck is great to take a couple of cozy shots with your family and friends, or you can just use this space to relax or take a break. This is why NYC cruises are a great bridal party idea! You will have fun taking pictures with your bridesmaids, family, or friends, and your pictures will be very unique.

Your Cruise Experience

Another great reason why NYC cruises are so great for bridal parties is because of the sights you will see as you make your way over the water. Of course, the highlight of the NYC cruises is the Statue of Liberty, but you will also pass a couple of other very interesting attractions along your way, such as Governors Island and Ellis Island. The Statue of Liberty is a national treasure and a must-see when visiting the beautiful city of New York. As you make your way on an NYC cruises, you will receive information about the cultural history of the area and more specifically about Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. The boat, which departs from Pier 36, lasts approximately one hour and fifteen minutes, leaving you plenty of time to take bridal pictures and to enjoy the cruise with your close ones.