Rules You Want to Know Before Boarding Your Ferry Cruise

To make the most from your Statue of Liberty experience, take the time to familiarize yourself with some of the more important rules of statue cruises before you ever get on board. This way, you know exactly what to expect from the Liberty ferry, including what is allowed and what isn’t. Keep in mind that the exact rules will vary slightly depending on the company you get your Statue of Liberty cruise tickets from.

No Smoking or Drinking

Because Statue cruises are designed to be family-friendly, they will never allow smoking or drinking on board. You may find an exception to the drinking rule in the case of special events or celebrations, but unless otherwise stated, assume that you cannot bring cigarettes or alcohol onboard.

Child Tickets

When you book your Statue of Liberty cruise tickets, you will have to pay attention to the rules regarding children. Child tickets will always be available at a discount. Babies and toddlers are likely to get on for free. Just be sure to confirm whether you need to get a free ticket for these young children or they can simply board with you without an individual ticket.

Refunds for Tickets

In most cases, you can get the Liberty cruises to give you a refund for tickets in extreme circumstances. They will probably at least offer to change the day and time of your ferry. Just keep in mind that there are likely time restrictions in place, so you can’t expect to change or return your ferry ticket on the day of.

Common Courtesy

In addition to the actual rules on a Statue of Liberty cruise, common courtesy still applies. When you are riding the ferry, remember that you aren’t the only person who wants to see the Statue of Liberty and other sights along the way. While you are entitled to a great view, you shouldn’t push other passengers out of the way to get it. Remember that most spots on the ferry are good for viewing since the boat goes so close to Lady Liberty. If you have one of the best spots, consider admiring the statue then offering your place to someone else so he or she can get the same view.


You should also do your best to keep the noise level down. Everyone on the boat is there to relax and appreciate a Statue of Liberty experience, but it is not a party cruise. So while talking with outdoor voices is very understandable, listening to loud music or repeatedly yelling is not.


For more information on the rules related to the Liberty cruises, contact us.