Take Your Visitors on an NYC Liberty Cruise

Do you have family or friends coming into town to visit you and aren’t sure what to do with them? Take them on an NYC liberty cruise! This cruise will bring you to one of the city’s most iconic monuments, but that’s not all of it. You will get an informative tour that will help you learn all about New York City. Cruises are approximately one hour and 15 minutes long and depart from Pier 36. Here is what you will experience by taking your visitors on an NYC liberty cruise:
Highlight of the Cruise

There is no better way to visit our beloved Lady Liberty than by taking an NYC liberty cruise, which will bring you right to her feet. During the entire cruise, you will have a constant view of her, allowing you to take pictures from every possible angle. As you approach the Statue of Liberty, you will be able to get a great close-up shot or a selfie with the green goddess. Not only will you be able to see her from close up, an NYC liberty cruise can also teach you a variety of historical and cultural facts about Lady Liberty. She is a symbol of freedom and can kind of be seen as the United States’ mascot. She is a gift from France and was designed by three Frenchmen and one American man (Laboulaye, Eiffel, Hunt, and Bartholdi). There is no way your visitors can visit New York City without getting close to Lady Liberty.

Panoramic Views of Manhattan

Besides getting incredible shots of Lady Liberty, there is something else you will want to take pictures of during your NYC liberty cruise: the exquisite views of the Manhattan skyline. You will not want to miss out on the views of Midtown and Lower Manhattan from the waters, as they are some of the best skyline views there are in all of the city of New York. You can either take pictures from the sundeck or from inside the boat depending on the weather. The indoor seating area is heated, which makes the cruise a great option for any time of the year.