Tips for Getting the Perfect Photo of Lady Liberty on Your Statue Ferry

As the name suggests, one of the many perks of going on a statue of liberty cruise is the Lady Liberty photo opportunities. After all, no NYC sightseeing cruise is complete without a few snapshots of the Statue of Liberty to take home and show to your friends and family members. Unfortunately, a slight problem emerges for anyone who isn’t a skilled photographer. How do you get the perfect photo of Lady Liberty to take home to your friends? Here are some tips on how to make sure your pictures look great.

Refocus Your Perspective

Just because you want to take pictures during your New York boat tour of Lady Liberty doesn’t mean the landmark should be the focal point of the pictures. Try finding other interesting things to take pictures of around the Statue of Liberty to where it falls into the background of the picture. After all, wouldn’t Lady Liberty make a gorgeous backdrop for a picture?

Look for a New Angle

During any statue of liberty cruise, crowds of tourists also interested in taking the perfect picture of Lady Liberty will follow you. Avoid the temptation to whip out your camera and stand with the crowd as they take pictures of Lady Liberty. Instead, try to use a little imagination and find a more unique angle for your perfect picture.

As you search for a unique angle during your NYC ferry tour, you should either avoid the standard postcard photo or quickly take it and get it out of the way. A postcard-style photo is a photo where the landmark – in this case Lady Liberty – stands front and center in the middle of the photo. There is nothing wrong with postcard-style photos, and they are extremely common, but they can also be a bit boring. Think outside of the box to find some unique angles for your pictures.

Turn on Your Flash

A lot of people assume flash is a feature on a camera intended only for indoor use – especially in dark rooms. Using flash while outdoors gives a picture a whole new depth and dimension thanks to the shadows and other details the flash brings out.

Understanding how to take good pictures of landmarks is the key to a high-quality photo of Lady Liberty. The more fun you have while taking the pictures, the better the pictures will be. Have fun, be creative, and remember that more pictures are always better. You can always delete bad pictures later.