What to Look Forward to During Your Statue of Liberty Cruise Experience

Seeing the Statue of Liberty should be on everyone’s list on a visit to New York City, as this statue is an icon known around the world. A gift from France a hundred years after America’s independence, Lady Liberty has greeted immigrants, visitors, and residents for decades on end. When planning your Statue of Liberty cruise, you will have plenty to look forward to, including seeing the statue itself.


Seeing Lady Liberty

The main part of a Statue cruise to look forward to will always be Lady Liberty herself. You can catch a glimpse of the statue from the shore if you are in the right spot, but the best views come from the water while on a boat. You will get the chance to admire this landmark and snap some photos of it with or without yourself in the pictures.


Spotting Other Attractions Along the Way

As you take the Statue of Liberty cruise between the port and your destination, you will also pass numerous other landmarks that should fill you with anticipation. You’ll get amazing views of both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges from the water, along with the World Trade Center, the South Street Seaport, and/or Battery Park depending on the route of your chosen Statue cruise.


Panoramic Views

It isn’t just the specific attractions you’ll see during your Statue of Liberty cruise that should fill you with anticipation. You will also be able to enjoy amazing panoramic views of Manhattan, particularly the lower and midtown portions, as you ride along on the boat. The views from the water are amazing, letting you see a chunk of the skyline at once. You will definitely want to have your camera ready the entire time you are on the Statue cruise since there will be so many photo ops.


Narration or Tour Guide

During your Statue cruise, you will also be treated to a thorough description of the Statue of Liberty along with the other attractions you pass. Learn information such as when the statue was built, who designed it, and how tall it is. Some boat tours have a physical tour guide on the boat, while others provide pre-recorded narration so you don’t have to fight to hear the information over the water. Whichever type you choose, you will get to learn while admiring Lady Liberty.


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