Where Can You Expect to Go on a Liberty Cruise

If you are headed to the Big Apple and want to take in as many attractions as possible, you should consider a Statue of Liberty cruise. There are many sites you can see while touring the harbor. It can be the perfect way to get some of the best photo opportunities as well. Some of the places you can expect to go on your Liberty Cruise include:

Ellis Island & Ellis Island National Immigration Museum

More than 12 million immigrants have passed through this island on their way to the United States. From 1892 until 1954, it was the busiest inspection station for immigrants in America. In 1965, it became part of Statue of Liberty National Monument, and then in 1990 became host to the museum of immigration. Often, your liberty cruise will include tickets to the museum, allowing you to see everything, including the wall of honor. You can get out, look around, and spend some time taking in the history of the island and museum.

Liberty Island

In 1966, the island became listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Most well-known for being home to the Statue of Liberty, this island is a favorite hotspot among tourists, and one of the best ways to visit it is on a ferry cruise. Package deals will generally include a ticket that allows you access to the Statue of Liberty National Monument, which will include ground, crown, and pedestal access. Set aside some time so you can walk the twenty stories to the top of the crown and visit the pedestal observation level as well as the Liberty Island Museum while you are here. In the observation level, you will be treated to panoramic views of the New York Harbor.

New York Harbor

The New York Harbor is one of the world’s largest natural harbors. Your Liberty cruise will give you a tour around the harbor, offering plenty of opportunities for you to get pictures of the New York skyline. There are several large cruise liners that port in the area, offering a fantastic chance to see these huge ships up close. It is the nation’s largest port for oil tankers and many other commercial ships that come through the area. With all the heavy traffic, you will be awestruck by the powerful ships cutting through the water, and you’ll have the best view of it all.

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