Who Should Use Liberty Cruises

You simply cannot visit New York City without taking the time to get a Statue of Liberty experience. There are a few choices for this, including liberty cruises that take you up close and personal with the statue and a statue ferry that will actually take you to the island it calls home. While the second choice is preferable if you want to actually climb up Lady Liberty, nearly everyone else will prefer a Statue of Liberty cruise. This way, you can see the statue from its best angles along with the rest of the skyline and don’t have to move from the boat. Here are just some of the people who should opt for a liberty cruise instead of a ferry that leaves them at the base of the statue.

The Elderly

Anyone who is elderly and beginning to slow down in terms of mobility should strongly consider taking liberty cruises. This method of seeing the statue is easy to get on and off thanks to the ramp that lets you board. Once you are on the Statue of Liberty cruise, you can just sit down and relax while getting a great view. If you are up to it, get an even better sight by standing by the edge of the ferry.

Those with Young Children

Because of the limited walking involved, taking statue cruises is also ideal for anyone with children. There is no need to wrangle your children on and off the liberty ferry multiple times or to try to keep them interested while you wander around the island with the statue, which can be boring for younger visitors. Instead, just get everyone on the cruise and to your spots, and then enjoy the views while telling them about everything you pass.

Those with Limited Mobility

Realistically, anyone with limited mobility will do well on liberty cruises. After all, once you are on the boat, you don’t have to move unless you want to. While sitting in your spot, you get to see the best angle of the Statue of Liberty, the NYC skyline, the famous bridges, and more.

Anyone Who Wants the Best Possible Views of Lady Liberty

Even those who are active will want to book their Statue of Liberty ferry tickets. After all, the best views of Lady Liberty are from the water, and statue cruises are the best way to get there at the right angle.


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