Why an NYC River Cruise Is a Great Gift

An NYC river cruise is a great gift idea if you are looking for the perfect gift to give someone visiting the city of New York. The NYC river cruise is a one hour and fifteen minute cruise that brings you up close to the Statue of Liberty. For one hour and fifteen minutes, you get to sit inside the heated indoor space or the nice breezy outdoor deck and take some incredible shots of the city and our Lady Liberty.

Highlights of the Cruise
Your NYC river cruise starts at 299 South Street at Pier 36, and three tours are offered every day. You will get to learn all about the city’s history and culture, which offers you a lot of valuable information. An NYC river cruise is the perfect gift because it will allow you to take many beautiful pictures and, therefore, make many incredible memories. The route passes by the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, Governors Island, and Governors Island National Monument as well as Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

Statue of Liberty

The last sight is the highlight of the cruise and the reason why an NYC river cruise is the best gift option to give someone who likes to travel. The boat will get really close to the Statue and allow you to take pictures of the Lady Liberty from every possible angle. Once the boat gets close, you will get the opportunity to take close-up shots of the statue or even to take a perfect selfie with Lady Liberty. The Statue of Liberty was a symbol of freedom to over nine million immigrants that arrived in the United States in the twentieth century and was a gift from France. Since seeing the Statue of Liberty is the number one thing to do when visiting New York City, an NYC river cruise is a great gift option!

Manhattan Skyline

Aside from the Statue of Liberty, your NYC river cruise will also offer some of the best panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline in the entire city. Therefore, it is imperative to take such a cruise in order to get the best city shots. The incredible views of the skyline will take everybody’s breath away. You can take pictures from inside the boat or on the outdoor deck, allowing you to take the cruise at any time of the year!