Why Cruises from New York Are Perfect for the Winter

If you and your family are visiting New York City during the winter, you will definitely want to take advantage of all the cruises from New York that are available. Not only will you get a close-up of our Lady Liberty, but you will get to see so many other great attractions and sights that are unique to a cruise experience. All cruises last for approximately one hour and fifteen minutes and start at Pier 36. An experienced guide will tell you everything you need to know about the history of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty while letting you enjoy the gorgeous views from the water. You are probably thinking, “A cruise during the wintertime? This is madness!” Why would you take a cruise during the winter? Well, that’s because there are plenty of benefits to going on cruises from New York when it’s a winter wonderland outside! Here are a few of them:

Fewer Crowds

Summers in New York City are equivalent to a massive amount of tourists and huge lines for any attraction. When you go on cruises from New York in the winter, you won’t have to deal with the lengthy waits and the accompanying stress. You will be able to hop straight on the cruise and enjoy the boat from every angle without having to squeeze in between people all the time to get a good picture. This will be specifically the case as you get closer to the Statue of Liberty. By taking a winter cruise, you will have plenty of space to take selfies or pictures with your friends and family from within the boat.

Heated Indoor Space

Did you know that the cruises from New York offer a warm indoor deck where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the view? You can go on the outdoor patio as much as you like, but you can always come back to the warm space that the boat offers at any time you want. This is another reason why taking a cruise in the winter is such a great idea. You will witness incredible views of the Manhattan skyline from the Statue of Liberty to Ellis Island to Governors Island without having to be in the cold weather.