Lower Manhattan Boat Tours

It’s no secret that one of the best ways to see Manhattan is by taking New York water tours. Downtown cruise companies offer several different types of these tours, but none can match the prices and services you’ll find with Liberty Cruise NYC. We know that if you’re interested in Lower Manhattan boat tours, you’re going to want to see the best that this borough has to offer. That’s why we’ve designed cruises for tourists that highlight Manhattan’s attractions and other city landmarks that will educate and mesmerize even the savviest of visitors. Book your tickets now and you’ll save money with our online discounts!

Each of our Lower Manhattan boat tours offers great sightseeing opportunities for tourists and can also be fun for natives. When you buy tickets for the Liberty Cruise Select, Liberty Cruise Express, or Liberty Cruise Saver, you can experience the Manhattan skyline from a new vantage point: the water! While we offer multiple departure times in the morning and afternoon, you can also take advantage of our evening tours to get a sunset view of the skyline when you take our NY water tours. Downtown cruise enthusiasts who prefer Saturday or Sunday rides can board the Liberty Cruise Select at 5:30 pm or the Liberty Cruise Express at 5 pm to experience the best way to view Manhattan during twilight hours.

If you want to see one of the borough’s most popular landmarks, the Manhattan Bridge, our Liberty Cruise Select Lower Manhattan cruise can offer you a panoramic view of it. While you’ll be able to see the bridge from any of the boat’s three decks, you can move to the top deck for a truly unlimited view of this great structure. With complex, intricate architecture and a grand presence, the Manhattan Bridge is something that shouldn’t be missed! You can even catch a glimpse of the nearby Brooklyn Bridge, another one of NYC’s astonishing examples of civil engineering, when you opt to take this particular cruise.

We offer some of the best prices for New York water tours downtown. Cruise ticket prices offer an amazing value at the regular retail price, but when you buy online, you can save even more! Our online prices for Lower Manhattan cruise tickets are always less than those you’ll find anywhere else. Lock in the best prices now and you’ll have up to six months to use your tickets!

As lovers of New York City, we’ve made it our mission to plan and develop the perfect NY water tours downtown. Cruise routes emphasize the special grandeur of Manhattan while also introducing you to many of the other attractions in NYC that make it one of the most unique places in the country. If your water tour inspires you to explore the streets of Manhattan, buy one of our All-City passes to see the inner workings of the borough from a comfortable tour bus. You’ll be treated to popular landmarks and attractions such as the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, and Radio City Music Hall.