A Century of New York City's Evolving Skyline

A Century of NYC's Evolving Skyline
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If you could sit in a fishing boat on the East River and somehow take a time-lapse photo of the famous New York silhouette for a whole century from Brooklyn, this would be something like what you’d see. We’ve mapped the skyline of New York through time for the past 100 years, including the most notable, highest skyscrapers and most iconic changes to the scenery.

The Manhattan skyline has grown nearly a thousand feet in a century. The tallest building in Manhattan in 2020 (the new One World Trade Center) is nearly a thousand feet higher than the highest skyscraper in 1920 (the Woolworth Building).

The new New York skyline has more than a dozen planned buildings that will be more than a thousand feet high. Unlike other cities with a handful of sizable buildings towering over everything else, the whole of the city seems to be rising up, each skyscraper like a blade of grass.

While it might be painful for some, the New York skyline in 2000 will likely not resemble the NYC cityscape in 2020. Even after considering the lack of the World Trade Center towers after Sept. 11, 2001, the future NYC outline will likely not resemble that of years before, with buildings like the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building being quickly overshadowed by new structures.

In the modern skyline, New York reflects numerous eras of architecture. In the various images of the New York City skyline, you can see buildings from the Art Deco era, like the Chrysler Building, the considerably less loved 1960s era of modern design, like the MetLife Building, and the contemporary modern style, like the new One World Trade Center and its contemporaries.

Today, there are few views in the world as beautiful and unique as the iconic NYC skyline. Manhattan, then and now, has a multicultural flair that cannot be undone, and the diversity is reflected in its urban-jungle-like landscape. Book your cruise ticket to see the real skyline in New York for yourself today!

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