The Statue of Liberty and Famous NYC Landmarks

There are many amazing landmarks all throughout the United States of America, and each one has an incredible story to tell. From the Grand Canyon to the Statue of Liberty, this nation is full of fascinating sights to see, some of them made by nature and others by people. No matter where you live, you're sure to find an amazing sight not too far away.

One of the most famous American landmarks is the Statue of Liberty. It's more than 300 feet tall and took around nine years to build. France gave the statue to the U.S. as a token of their friendship and to celebrate America's 100th birthday. Also referred to as Lady Liberty, the monument stands as a constant reminder of the freedoms that Americans can enjoy every day.

There are many ways to explore and learn about the statue. The first way is to take a tour of the statue and the pedestal it stands on. It stands on its own island in New York Harbor, and this is a great option for people who can get to New York City for a visit. People can also see the statue from the water by taking a boat tour or riding on the Staten Island Ferry. Whether you are looking from a distance or standing right under it, the Statue of Liberty is sure to impress.

Another great New York City landmark is Times Square, which is filled with so many lights that you can't help but stare at them. It has been referred to as Times Square ever since 1904 and continues to attract millions of visitors every single year. And it's no wonder people keep coming back: Times Square is full of incredible food, bright lights, world-class theater, and plenty of good shopping. A trip here is sure to wow any visitor.

Not too far from Times Square stands the Empire State Building, a building that many people climb to the top of so they can see the stunning views of the city. Construction of the building was completed in 1931 by some very brave workers, and more than 3.5 million people visit it every year.

The Statue of Liberty

Times Square

Empire State Building

Fort Sumter National Monument