The Brooklyn Bridge

Location: Brooklyn Bridge, New York, NY 10038

As a staple of the Manhattan skyline, there’s no grander sight than the Brooklyn Bridge. NYC has a reputation for being an incredible example of civil engineering, and it’s underscored by the existence of the Brooklyn Bridge. Information about this bridge’s specifications and spectacular history can interest the average history buff, but knowledge of the bridge can present special value to visitors who want to take boat tours to see it up close. If tourists familiarize themselves with this civil engineering marvel, then a Brooklyn Bridge tour can be more greatly appreciated. At Liberty Cruise NYC, we can help you learn more about this iconic structure, then give you a front-row seat to the majesty of this bridge from the waters of New York Harbor.

The Brooklyn Bridge enjoys the distinction of being one of the first steel-wire suspension bridges built in the United States. At the time of its construction, which was completed in 1883, it was the longest suspension bridge on the planet, and it didn’t lose this status until 1903. The bridge’s steel cables make it relatively flexible and able to move with gusts of wind. Each component of the bridge was painstakingly assembled by immigrant laborers who worked for only a few dollars a day. When you book tickets for a Brooklyn Bridge tour, take time to fully appreciate the bridge and the effort put into its construction.

While in the 21st century, we tend to associate New York City with the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC and Brooklyn were once two separate cities, and the bridge was meant to provide an easy way to travel between the two. By creating a 1,600-foot link between Brooklyn and Manhattan across the East River, inhabitants of New York City could move freely between the two areas for commerce, leisure, and everything in between. Today, the bridge facilitates the travel of as many as 125,000 vehicles per day and still remains an important part of New York City life.

Learning about Brooklyn Bridge history and facts can be impressive, but the special beauty of one of New York City’s most popular landmarks didn’t come without a price. Dangerous conditions that workers had to endure during the construction process, some even underneath the murky water, resulted in a terrible experience for many of them. At least 20 workers died building this beautiful bridge, either by falling off it or from on-the-job injuries. Another serious threat for workers was caisson disease, commonly referred to as “the bends”; despite the name, the disease has nothing to do with being flexible and everything to do with dangerous amounts of gas in underwater workers’ bloodstreams that would release when they reached the water’s surface again.

In addition to being considered a masterpiece of civil engineering, the bridge has also become a touchstone of American culture. Its instantly recognizable features have made it the subject of countless works of art, songs, and books. The Brooklyn Bridge has also been chosen as the setting of a number of feature films, performance art shows, and even commercials. It’s no wonder that people from around the world express interest in Brooklyn Bridge sightseeing! Book your tickets now to discover the wonders of the bridge for yourself.

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